Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Free copy of "30 Minutes Per Day Blog Promo" Report (Deadline)

Having your own blog is one of THE best ways to grow your Internetblankbluethins business due to the variety of methods you can use it, including...

* Building community
* Distributing presell content
* Growing your list
* Mobilizing your affiliates
* Monetizing the design elements
* Establishing a brand
* Creating loyalty and credibility

The list could go on and on.

If you have a blog, then one of your biggest obstacles to using it effectively is promoting the blog.  I.E.  Generating traffic.

[If you don't have a blog, then it's past due ... it should  immediately leap to the top of your "to do" list.]

Jimmy D. Brown just released a new 23-page report that you can download below at no charge.  It's entitled, "30 Minutes Per Day Blog P.R.O.M.O." and in it you'll learn how to drive traffic to your blog in about half an hour per day.

The report reveals a different daily strategy to implement for each of the five workdays.

You can download it immediately here...

There are no lists to join.  No hoops to jump thru.  Visit the site and click on the download link. End of story.

However, this free offer will permanently "retire" on Friday,April 9 at 10PM CDT.  At that time it will be removed from the Internet and will no longer be available for download.


There are 12 resale rights licenses available to Jimmy's Multiple Streams Wordpress Blog Theme.  You can obtain one of these licenses here

When you order a resale rights license, you will receive a PLR license to the "30 Minutes Per Day Blog P.R.O.M.O." course that I mentioned above.

NOTE: If you have purchased a RESALE RIGHTS license to his Multiple Streams Theme for $97, you are eligible to receive this PLR offer at NO CHARGE.  Just send a copy of your receipt to Jimmy's support desk at Infoprofitcare.com and a staff member will forward you download instructions.

Your action steps...

1) Download your complimentary personal use copy of the 23-page report Here

2) OPTIONAL:  Order a resale rights license to Multiple Streams Wordpress Theme at:

3) Send your receipt to Jimmy's support desk at Infoprofitcare.com to receive a complimentary PLR license to the blog promo course.