Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Great Ipod Giveaway

Great Ipod Giveaway I just found this new website that's giving away free Ipods AND tons of Internet marketing ebooks and software, and you can grab it all without spending a dime!

I'm using it and I thought you could benefit too, so I wanted to share it with you...

Check it out here:

There really are no strings attached and they are giving away new Ipods every 2 days!

Check this out.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Microsoft Affiliate Network

Microsoft Affiliate Network: "Join the Microsoft Affiliate Network now to participate in the Microsoft adCenter program. For each new U.S.-based Microsoft adCenter customer you generate, you’ll receive a cash reward." To apply go to their site and fill out the application.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Seller Beware! Free Report

Seller Beware Free Report In this 50 page report John Counsel explains how to safeguard your Paypal account and not "accidently" violate Paypal's terms of service and get your account frozen. If you're not very familiar with what is and what isn't acceptable to Paypal, please download this free report and save yourself a possible headache down the road. It's an excellent read.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

AdWords Seminars

AdWords Seminars for Success If you use Google Adwords to promote your website and need help understanding and using it, how about attending a seminar. "The seminars will be offered in two tracks: Beginner & Intermediate, and Intermediate & Advanced. Both are designed to teach you how to manage your AdWords account more effectively by covering topics from best practices on account setup to bidding and campaign management strategies."

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Search Engine Myths Exposed- Free Report on Ranking with Google

Search Engine Myths Exposed: "New FREE report from Jonathan Leger exposes the most destructive myths and lies being spread about how to rank in Google, and then reveals the TRUTH of what you should really be doing." You will have to give up your email address at the site in order to download the report but Jonathan's stuff is always well done as he's one of the few who really knows what he's doing online when it comes to making money.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

M.C. Promotions Press Ezine- Jan 7th 2008

A new year and it's time for a new issue of M.C. Promotions Press Ezine. If you're a subscriber it still comes out in text format right to your inbox. If not, I always convert it to PDF and post it here when uploaded.

What's in this issue? So glad you asked.

+ Editorial- "I'm Back"

+ Article- "Getting Great at Article Writing"

+ Camtasia 3.0 Download it Free- Limited Time

+ Tube Mogul- Upload Your Videos in a Snap

You can read the latest issue here:

Friday, January 4, 2008

New iPods in Exchange for Your Old CD's

iPods+: "iPodMeister Inc. offers you a FREE, brand NEW iPod or iPhone in exchange for your used/new CDs/DVDs. There are no charges or fees involved other than the CDs needed for the trade." I will warn you the amount of CD's needed is in the hundreds, but if you've got a bunch of old CD's laying around and want a new fangled Ipod this is an easy way to get one. If you don't have enough CD's you can pay 1.00 for each one you're short. Check it out.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

TubeMogul.com - Upload Your Videos

TubeMogul.com - Online Video Distribution and Analytics- Do you do marketing online with videos? If so you'll want to check out this free video submission service. At no charge you can upload your videos to all 12 video websites at one time. No more going from site to site uploading your videos one at a time. TubeMogul also provides powerful analytics on who is viewing your videos. Sign up free.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

How to Get Customers Ordering So Fast Your Bank Account May End Up With a Speeding Ticket!- Report

Buy Now Report Before You Go...: If you do any type of online marketing you really should read this report. It's excellent and a real eye opener, loaded with techniques you can use to increase your conversions. Not sure how long it will remain available for free but "Reserve your free copy of 'Buy Now! How to Get Customers Ordering So Fast Your Bank Account May End Up With a Speeding Ticket!' and the supplementary 34-minute audio."

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Nabit - Track auctions and bid from your Desktop

Nabit - Track auctions and bid from your Desktop- Are you an avid Ebayer? I love Ebay. It's always the first place I turn to when I'm looking for a great deal on an item. Check out this free software that allows direct bidding from your desktop. From the site it states "You can track bids-and make new ones-without using your Web browser. Once your My eBay list is automatically imported, Nabit automatically refreshes your auction status. Plus, Nabit provides pop-up notifications if you’ve been outbid, if you’ve won or lost, if the price changes on an item you’re watching, or if your auction is about to expire." If you're an Ebay junkie you need to check this one out.