Saturday, May 30, 2009

"Announcing Bing, Microsoft’s New Search Engine "

If you spend any amount of time online, lord knows I do, the buzz these days is all about "Bing". The name chosen for Microsoft's new search engine. Not sure how I feel about the name, reminds me of cherries and oh yes, the show "Friends'. Wasn't that Chandler's last name? Chandler Bing. Maybe it's just me. My sick and twisted mind tends to associate words with people and events.

Anyway, if you want to know more about Bing, as it will be rolling out to the public in the next few days, hop on over to their Blog. I know, I know you're excited! Try to calm down. I promise the world won't stop spinning tomorrow.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Google- Top Tactics for Tough Times

We all know the economy is in a slump. We're reminded of that daily when the news comes on. If you use Google Adwords for advertising you may be wondering how you can cut back on expenses and make your ad campaigns more cost effective.

Google's team of AdWords optimizers has come up with 6 tactics that will help your AdWords campaigns be more relevant to your customers.

Topics included:

"1. Focus your ads on low prices and savings.
2. Use value-related keywords.
3. Make sure your ad groups are targeted and relevant.
4. Don't waste money on irrelevant clicks.
5. Make it easy for customers to buy.
6. Focus your money on your high-performers."

Here's the link to check it out.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Logo MyWay- Graphic Design MarketPlace

Need a logo? Trying to find a good graphic designer online can be tough. Now there's a new site that just launched called "LogoMyway". You post your job and over 50 designers can place a bid and then you select the best man, er, designer, for the job.

Pricing starts at 200.00 for Industry Standard Vector Logo Files that can be used in almost any application. If you're in need of a logo and want someone talented, why not check them out. You might find exactly what you're looking for. A good designer is like a great hair dresser. Once you find a good one you'll want to keep coming back.

Free 12 Week Internet Marketing Course

Jeremy "Shoemoney" knows his "stuff" when it comes to earning money online. Now he's offering up has advice in this 12 week Internet Marketing Course that won't cost you a dime. You will have to give him your email address, but besides that nothing. If you think this is not worth your time, you need to think again, the man is "good" if you'd like to see what he has to say scurry on over and check it out before he changes his mind.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"Turn Your Articles Into Videos"

This is a brand new service to hit the Internet marketing scene and it looks pretty cool. If you use™ to post your articles to you're going to love this. It takes your article and turns it into a Video. Then you can take the videos and with one click distribute them to various video and social media sites help drive more traffic to your site. Simple and easy.

Two pricing packages are available:

Power Package ($47.00 / mo) - 50 Downloadable Videos Per Month

Business Package ($97.00 / mo) - 125 Downloadable Videos Per Month.

If you have articles at EzineArticles you can pop over and do a free test run to see exactly what your article will look like as a video.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Linking Strategies: "To Buy or not to Buy, That is the Question"

Buying text links for your website is a highly controversial subject online. Like it or not, 001_31
approve of the practice or disapprove, it does exist and there are many website owners who are doing it. I'm not going to debate the issue one way or the other; just shed some light on what some consider a "gray subject."

So why would you want or need to buy a text link on another website? It all goes back to "link popularity." Search engines look at how many other sites are linking to yours when deciding on your ranking. Granted, this is just one criterion, but nevertheless an important one to pay attention to.

If you don't know how many other sites are linking to yours, go to any search engine and type this in: link: ... you should get a pretty good idea of your "popularity." Keep in mind that Google never shows all sites linking to yours, so what you see in the results will not be an accurate presentation of those linking to you. Why they do this is not clear (it's one of those "Google Secrets"), but a possible explanation is that it's one of the methods they use to keep their ranking algorithms private.

When considering a link purchase, only buy from sites that are related to your theme and use the Google Toolbar to check their page rank. You can download it here:

A page rank of 4 or above is pretty good but a 7 or 8 is excellent. Never buy a link based on page rank alone. If the site doesn't relate to your site's content, don't do it.

Here are some things to keep in mind before making any purchases:

There are two types of links: one-way and reciprocal. A reciprocal link is when two sites agree to link to each other, a one-way link is just one site linking to another without linking back. Purchasing a text link is an example of a one-way link. One-way links are counted higher by most search engines and therefore are more valuable then reciprocal.

When supplying your text link to other sites, make sure to include your keywords in your anchor text. The anchor text is the part of the link that is clickable. Use a variety of key phrases so as not to raise any red flags with the search engines.

You also want to be consistent with your url. Use the "www." part in all incoming links, as links to "" and "" could be treated as two different websites by the search engines.

Another tip when buying links is to do it slowly. Don't buy too many at one time. You want it to look natural to the search engines. Hundreds of sites deciding to link to yours in a week is not "natural" and may catch unwanted attention from the powers that be.

Stay away from link farms when choosing link partners. Just associating with "bad sites" can be enough to get you banned by the search engines. You'll also want to make sure you're getting links from different IP addresses. Search engines will give the links more weight if they don't all come from the same IP.

So now that you have the basics, where do you buy the text links? I thought you'd never ask.

1) LinkHaul:

Purchase static links to PR 4, 5,6, 7 or 8 websites. Pricing starts at 3.00 per month.

2) Text Link Brokers:

Offering a variety of link building programs to increase your link popularity.

3) LinkAdage:

Buy or sell text links within an auction format or buy direct thru a broker.

4) Text-Link-Ads:

Offering $100.00 in free text link ads when you spend $125.00. So you only have to spend
an initial investment of $25.00

5) BackLinks:

A service that allows webmasters to trade, sell or buy text links.

When you buy a link, it's usually billed on a monthly basis and you'll always pay more for
a site with a higher page rank, and also for having them put your link on their main page
compared to a page deeper down within the site. Once you purchase a link let it run for
a few months at a time, search engines will need it in order to find and spider them.

Right or wrong, purchasing links is one way to improve your link popularity quickly and
move your site up the ranks in the search engines. Remember, there are many ways to
increase your website traffic, and buying text links is just another means to an end.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Review of Personal Development PLR Content: An Efficient and Effective Resource for PLR Content is a breath of fresh air in many respects. While there are a lot of different resources for private label rights content on the market, consistently hits the mark.

What's PLR?

Before we begin, I should explain what PLR is all about. PLR or Private Label Rights material, provides you an opportunity to get all the content you need for your website without actually having to write it yourself. Someone else researches, writes, edits, and designs the articles and content so you don't have to.

You pay a small membership fee each month to gain access to the PLR articles and resources. Then you can brand them as your own and use them in just about any way that you see fit.

This really works out well if you don't want to spend all your time simply building your website or creating products from scratch. It frees up your time so you can build your business, establish solid relationships, and drive traffic to your site.

What Do You Get?

When you join you’ll have access to more than 80 Web 2.0 documents each month, including articles, PDF downloads, checklists, guides, worksheets, positive affirmations, and even inspirational computer wallpapers. This is a lot of content and you can do an enormous amount of things with it!

How Much? really is a bargain when you price out the costs. This resource offers not only the content that you need, but clear, concise, search engine optimized content. You’ll have the benefit of a North American team who are the best at what they do creating your content for you.

Ask yourself... how much would I spend to create 80+ pages of quality content on my site, blog or email newsletter? If you did it yourself, you'd easily spend half the month creating the content while you could be making better use of your time.

Who's Behind It?

Ronnie Nijmeh, the founder and coach to the members, is also an established expert based in Toronto, Canada. He "walks the walk" and "talks the talk" as they say.

He has appeared on radio and television and gets more than 23,000 visitors to just one of his sites each month... all this from using PLR content. He knows his stuff and has nothing to hide.

What Bonuses Should I Expect?

In addition to the great content at, you also get bonuses. One of the most helpful bonuses is the Mastermind calls. These exclusive, members-only calls take you through actionable strategies to boost your profits and generate high quality traffic flowing to your sites like never before.

I've seen some gurus charge $97 per month just for a mastermind call, so the value with is truly astounding.

The best thing about is that you get all of this for less than you would spend on a nice dinner. The trial is only $19!

You get all the content that you could ever need for your website as well as the Mastermind calls to help you profit from your business like never before... it's really a no-brainer in my opinion.

You get great content, traffic, and increased profits from a guy who's been in the trenches for years. Check it out, you'll be glad you did.

P.S. Download this FREE ebook which has over 101 ways you can use PLR content. It's in PDF format and if you like it, and I know you will, feel free to pass it along to others. Please save it to your own server first.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Post Pictures to Your Twitter Followers

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. With Twitter's limitation of 140 characters sometimes all that talk can leave you wanting a bit more. Check out - With TwitGoo you can upload pictures from your hard drive and share them with all of your Twitter followers with just a click. Sound like fun? It is. To see what a link looks like, here's a picture I uploaded and posted to Twitter

Free to sign up. So what are you waiting for? Start adding more visuals to your Twitter posts. But please, leave your clothing on

Friday, May 8, 2009

“John Reese Launches His Latest Web Venture-”

Internet Marketing 'Super Guru' John Reese has just released a great free video that will teach 001_03 you how to maximize affiliate commissions on auto-pilot.

In this video you'll learn how to quickly and easily set up an "Affiliate Commission Engine."

You can set up as many of these little 'engines' as you want in any market you want and they'll work for you 24/7 - - making affiliate income for you while you're busy working on other things.

Go right now and watch this video and start making more affiliate marketing commissions right away:



Monday, May 4, 2009

Microsoft Writer Makes it Easy to Post to Your Blog

I’m picky. It takes a lot for me to say “wow” but when it comes to Microsoft Writer I have to 004_09 say it. Wow!! I downloaded this free program a few months ago and now would not want to live without it. This software makes it easy to post to your Blog. Supports all of these platforms, Live, Wordpress, Blogger, Typepad and more. I am using it to post to my Blogger Blogs. I set both of them up within the software’s interface and can select which one I’d like to post to when ready to upload.

The look of Writer is similar to Word you have a toolbar across the top where you can bold, underline, italic, center, right justify and more. You can even insert pictures and change their size and alignment. You can even crop and tilt pictures.

One of my favorite parts is the plug ins for Twitter, Digg and Flickr. When I click on “publish” to send my post up I also get asked if I want the post sent to my Twitter account. It’s like killing two birds with one stone, no pun intended.

You can also download a Digg plug that automatically adds a DiggThis badge to your blog post after you publish it. And a Flickr plug in that allows you to post your photos to Flickr. It’s all neat and clean in one little package. There are also built in tabs so you can “preview” what your post will like like before uploading and a “source” tab if you need to tweak the code. Check your spelling and perform a word count with one click.

All in all if you publish a blog or multiple blogs, you need this software. Trust me here, it won’t cost you a dime and you’re just going to love it. Download it here:

P.S. Another one you might want to check out is