Friday, February 18, 2011

“Google Now More Social Then Ever”


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How would you like to search Google for something and get the opinions of people you know and trust  right along with the normal search results. With Google you can. This service was first launched back in 2009 but social results were only shown at the bottom of the page. Now they’ll be mixed in with the regular search results.

In order to see posts made by those in your social network you’ll need to make sure you’re logged into Google before starting your search.  So if they’re sharing things on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or their own blogs and it’s relative to the search you’re doing , it will come up.

If you’ve been doubting the power of social media marketing, with Google now putting more emphasis on it, all of those postings you’re making on Facebook or Twitter could now help you to be found higher up in their search results. And as Martha Stewart likes to say “That’s a Good Thing”.

For more see Google’s Blog Posting at:


Or watch this helpful video.


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Sunday, February 13, 2011

“Podcasts, Online Radio Shows and Recurring Video Casts: All Great Ways to Promote Your Business”

Part of promoting your website business is getting in front of as many people as possible. While you are there, give them something interesting to read, listen to or watch that will direct them to your website through a link. One of the ways that people like to hear about new sites is through podcasts. valentine

What is a Podcast?

A podcast is a multimedia tool that people can follow. Think of it as audio or video information that you can listen to or view on your computer, your iPod or any other multimedia enabled device. It’s like having your own radio show on your website.

Podcasts can be syndicated using RSS (really simple syndication). This is the same process that people use to keep up with blogs and websites. The RSS feed allows them to receive updates when changes are made on the site so they don’t have to visit every day.


Creating your Podcast

There is software available to help you create your audio and video files. You can embed code for them on your website so others can view them.

Beyond the technical aspects, the purpose of the podcast is to present interesting information to your readers in a new and unique way. People browse the Internet to find useful items. They like to read, but would admittedly like to watch or listen as it is a more convenient way to get the same information.

So what will make your podcast stand out? Use engaging dialogue, present relevant topics and use visually appealing props and sets for video casts.


Going Viral

For one, don’t forget the keywords. You want people to be able to find your podcasts when they use their search engines. Even if you are using mainly audio, include keyword optimized titles, tags and links in your podcasts.

Submit your podcasts to directories. Use every avenue to get yourself in front of the public. That includes creating press releases to announce your podcasts if you are introducing them for the first time. Optimizing your press releases and submitting them to free press release sites keeps people finding them even after you are through using them.

Let your existing customers in on the new podcast. Use your email list to keep them in the loop as you unroll your podcast project. Give them links directly to the podcast so they can view it and hopefully pass the link on to others.

Your podcast can be turned into a radio show with regular guest spots. Interview other business owners in your niche and notable online personalities who would be of interest to your readers. A recurring show can increase your traffic and your following.

Want to get people to your website? Create a podcast. Turn it into a radio show or recurring video cast to create a following and gain more traffic to your business.


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