Friday, August 28, 2009

“How to Cash in on Twitter”

Due to the popularity of Twitter many business owners are now trying to cash in on the medium by marketing their businesses. An easy to use interface and the convenience of this online networking community has turned many twitter users into twittering addicts. This in combination withhappybirds4Medium mainstream media attention worldwide has lead to the growth of an estimated 10 million regular tweeters. These tweets are best described as equivalent to a short message service (sms) of 140 characters or less that is published to your own custom list of contacts online or via cell phone. With the restriction to this small number of characters, you'll need to communicate your thoughts, feelings or answers with intelligence. Overcoming this hurdle and learning the art of the tweet will go a long way to extracting financial benefit from its die hard fans.

Twitter Search is a very effective tool to research the current state of play for your business industry. Find out what others in your business industry are saying and learn from them. Look out for feedback from its customers, especially negative comments can be invaluable. With this information you may be able to make some adjustments to your companies products or service if necessary and find new markets that will ensure profitability.

Once you build your own list of subscribers known as followers, put in the work to keep them updated on new developments both personal and business related. This activity is essential if you are going to gain heaps of followers and convince them to hang on every word you say. Also take the time to carefully select the people that you choose to follow on Twitter. They do not all have to be related to your industry profession. There may be those users that are also using Twitter for online promotion and this will give you the opportunity to watch what they are doing and learn new skills from observing them.

Making sure the people that you follow also follow back is another vital task. Once you develop a big group of followers, you will be able to now send tweets promoting your organization but try to mix up the content as much possible, by also sending useful topical information on current events or general social chit chat. Don't forget, Twitter is designed to be a social networking site and is not strictly a promotional tool.

Sending out just a few too many tweets promoting your business will soon result in a sharp reduction the number of followers. Gathering and keeping a large number of twitter followers will give you a higher number of successful conversions because like any form of marketing its a numbers game.

Trying to cash in on the success of Twitter can be rewarding, but only if you bother to develop the right skills and know how to do so. The more you invest and try to learn about this social networking phenomenon the larger the return. Follow the gurus and learn from their experience. If you can keep up to date with the latest occurrences and trends at twitter you will giving yourself the best chance at being successful using twitter for marketing purposes.

Monday, August 24, 2009

"Using Twitter to Increase Online Profits" - Free Ebook

Hi Kids,

How was the weekend? Everybody have a little fun and relaxation? Well, it's Monday so snap out of it and get back to work Today I have a free ebook written by Skip Mcgrath. It's 17 pages called "Using Twitter to Increase Your Online Profits".......He's an excellent writer and has written several "real books", so it's good stuff Maynard.

Download it while you can and put a little "Kick" back into your Monday. See ya.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

"Twitter & Advertising: Do These Two Really Belong Together?"

By Merle

The latest craze sweeping the Net right now is Twitter. This micro-blogging tool has evolved into tweet millions of loyal users who love and use it daily. Twitter attempts to answer the question, "What are you doing right now?"It's very similar to text messaging, but your "tweets" are only seen by those who have chosen to "follow you".

Over the last few years, many have developed third party software and plug-ins that enable users to do more with Twitter. Along the same lines, many have been thinking of ways to profit from Twitter. Of course, since Twitter lets you communicate with people from all over the world, a natural connection is how to advertise to that crowd.

Now, if you asked most Twitter users what they thought of advertising on Twitter, they'd probably give you an evil stare, and no longer wish to associate with you. Yes, the thought of ads popping up on Twitter makes some people angry and does not appeal to the majority of avid

Still, along with the protests, are those that think Twitter and advertising should go together, sort of like birthday's and cake. So what's available if you're interested in Twitter advertising? I thought
you'd never ask.

1) RevTwt-

This service offers a variety of advertising options. Publishers can select from CPC (cost per click) ads,  CPT (cost per thousand), which you must have a specific number of followers for, or CPA (viewers must perform a specific action). RevTwt supplies the links and you paste them into your Twitter timeline.


A link shortening service with a twist. Shorten the URL, then post it to Twitter, Facebook, or other social networks, and you'll earn money with every click. The current payout for those in the U.S. is about $1.00 per thousand visitors.

3) Adjix:

Another link shortening service with an advertising twist built in. Twitter users can choose to embed
ads inside their tweets. Advertisers set the rate they are willing to pay for someone to tweet their
ad. Ad selection varies from a random ad to allowing you to target a specific subject area, for example health. An informative video is available at

4) Be-A-Magpie:

A variety of compensation modes to pick from, including pay-per-sale, pay-per-lead, pay-per-click, or pay-per-view.  Enter your Twitter user name to see how much you can earn.  You'll be paid to allow "Magpie" to post tweets to your  account. Tweets sent will be matched to the topic of your usual Tweets, so you won't need to worry about off-topic messages. It's up to you how many ads get posted. It can be set at the default, which is one Magpie tweet for every 10 of yours, or changed. You will need a Paypal account in order to get paid.

5) TwitterAd:

Built using the Twitter open API, just sign up to post your Twitter account to advertisers to sponsor it.  You select the ad duration and price, which can be 7 days, 15 days -even one to three months. Just sit back and wait for the offers to come in. You can accept or deny the ad within 48 hours. The recommended ad size is 211X484 height, 300 DPI for best placement on a Twitter user's background. Payouts are made once your account balance reaches $30.00.

6) PayMeTweets:

To use this "micro-promotional" tool you'll first need to follow "”.   Watch for tweets you  like,then “retweet” (RT) them. You'll be paid a set amount for each one.  Payment varies depending on your "influence". Credits you earn can also be used to  advertise your own products/services. Payout per tweet ranges from a few pennies up to $20.00 for those Twitter users with heavy influence.

7) SponsoredTweets:

Connecting advertisers with Twitter users to sponsor "conversations". All paid Twitter ads contain a
disclosure to such in order to comply with the FTC.To set up an account you'll need to set your price,
then add a category and keywords. Advertisers come to you, and you'll make the decision to reject or accept them.

You'll be paid within 24 hours of posting Tweets, and you must earn $50.00 before cashing out. Ads are not posted to your Twitter timeline, you must manually post them.

As Twitter continues to evolve and grow, the number of advertising supported services will too. Like it or not, Twitter is a powerful communication tool that allows people to connect with each other all over the world, and marketing to that audience is a natural by-product of that.

No matter whether you like the idea or not, advertising to Twitter users is here to stay. I'm not taking one side over the other, just reporting some of the options. As my Mama used to say "Don't shoot the messenger!"

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

"Graphics GiveAway Opens Their Doors"

Great News! Today August 18th at 10 am eastern, Eric Tan and Odinn Sorensen opened the doors to their brand-new Graphics Giveaway 2. Last time they ran this in December 2008, the event was a great success and hundreds of people grabbed a ton of nice free gifts in the design and graphics niche.

Join now and get your free gifts At the time I'm writing this, there are 82 Graphics Gifts. You'll even get one free gift right at the door, no signup needed, as a "thank you" just for showing up :-) Here's a taste of what's on offer for free.

- Web Templates
- eCover Makers
- Design Software
- Designer Guide
- Graphic Tools
- Headers- Buttons

... and many more! Join now and get your free gifts

Meanwhile the great JV partners are still busy adding even more gifts, so be sure to check back in for more goodies. NOTE: They have a very attractive upgrade offer for members only. You will see it right after you login. You'll be amazed at what you get for just $17 ... Join now and get your free gifts

Have a great day!

P.S. The Graphics Giveaway 2 runs only until September 1st, so you should signup now and secure your free graphics membership in the giveaway, before the doors close to new members. Join now and get your free gifts

Thursday, August 13, 2009

“Prime PLR Offered Up by Jimmy D. Brown”

How many times have you thought about offering an ebook, course or even membership a001_08bout  Internet marketing but you just weren't sure where to start. Who has the time to create all the material from scratch, organize it and still have time to market it? Now you don't have to do it all yourself.

Jimmy D. Brown one of Internet Marketing's most renowned teachers has done all the hard work for you. He is offering private label rights to his original articles and reports ... some of which are have never been released to the public!

What are you waiting for? Get your copy of this Internet Marketing PLR Pack today at and put your Internet Marketing Business on the fast track.

Just a heads-up. The last time he offered an opportunity like this, the sale only lasted a few days and he closed the doors. So, don't file this email away planning to "get to it later" -- as you may miss your chance to get your hands on these PLR articles, reports, videos and template since they will not be available for long!

P.S. - If you're already investing in internet marketing PLR, you *KNOW* how hard it is to find quality. This is Prime PLR, created by someone who doesn't just talk the talk, but who's been earning a great deal of money online every year since 1999. It won't last long for that very reason, so grab it now while you can:

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

“Twitter, good or bad?”

There is little doubt the internet has drastically and permanently affected how the communicationhappybirds2Medium sector operates. There are now more methods for people to keep in touch through services on the net than was ever offered in the past. The number web sites based on this social networking model is always growing. Such is the success and affect these social internet communities have on people, they have become a necessity to the functioning of their daily lives. How up to date and knowledgeable are you with sites like Twitter?

This social networking dependency has seen many people wanting to share their lives with anyone prepared to be their audience. Twitter fantastically provides  quick and easy communication with friends and family members.

Before anyone can make use of Twitter, intending members need to make a personal profile for their account. Twitter was designed to publish and alert others of updates or short messages quickly. These twitter alerts are called "tweets" and  are text based of 140 characters in length. Not many people know you can even use a cell phone to send these updates. The updates are sent to followers from  your account user name who choose to subscribe to that Twitter member just as you can choose who you subscribe too and follow.

But is twitter a good to bad thing? Well, that is the question partly answered by its millions of users from all the world who dedicate their time and energy to the site. For the first half of 2009, Twitter ranked third among the most beloved and most visited social network websites, MySpace and Facebook who have been massive successes in their own right. In March 09, after many previous months of increasing traffic, unique hits to Twitter accelerated to grow 131 percent to 9.3 million unique visitors. Success thanks to hollywood celeb “tweeters” and more widespread offline media focus, the site ranked as the fastest expanding web property overall online.

The simplicity of Twitter is the reason for its extreme appeal among people of all different age groups. Users are free to choose how they can receive tweets - by means of RSS, SMS, mobile Web, etc. Specialist web tools such as Twitterific and Tweetie are also popular in helping users keep track of their twittering activities. By means of application programming interface (APIs), you can easily update your profile page without the need to enter the actual Twitter site.

Multiple people use Twitter – actors, musicians, professionals and even political identities. Just about everyone knows that American President Barack Obama used Twitter for his campaigns. Well, in addition to the President,other celebrities such as Oprah, Lance Armstrong, 50 cent and the Jonas Brothers are avid fans of the site. Large companies use the site to promote their products, information updates and client support such as Dell, Starbucks, TheHomeDepot, Ford and Samsung. Even Microsoft, although belatedly, have decided to establish a big presence on Twitter with at last count some 18 genuine accounts which allow consumers and staff to communicate.

Twitter maybe far from a perfect all in one solution but it has many good things to offer at absolutely no cost to its members. No doubt twitters creators will also continue to further develop this social medium which can only further enhance its value for everyone. Go on over to Twitter, try it out now and create your own profile page.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

"Publish an Ezine; Your Website Depends on It!"

So you've done all the research, built your website and you're ready to show it off to the world and make your Internet fortune. "Whoa," not so fast there, Mister. If you haven't included an ezine, your site is missing out on a major online marketing tool. Here's why the decision to include one or nothappybirds1Small can lead to your website's success or ultimate failure.

1st Time Visitors. Let's face it: the first time someone comes to your website, the odds are they're going to be leary and not buy from you right away. By giving them the chance to subscribe to your newsletter you're actually giving yourself another chance to sell to them down the road. Your ezine will givethem multiple incentives to visit your site and make a purchase.

Build an Opt In List. There's a reason why off-line marketers have done direct mailings for years: they work. Collecting email addresses of visitors to your website allows you to compile a list of people who want to hear from you.By signing up for your newsletter, you're given permission to market to these people on a regular basis. Your list will become your most precious marketing commodity.

Establishes Trust. The truth is, your site visitors have no idea if you're an upright business person or some mad hacker in a dark basement out to grab their credit card number. By giving them the opportunity to subscribe to your ezine you'll be able to establish a "relationship" where your subscribers will come to trust and rely upon you. By providing them with helpful information on a consistent basis you'll become someone they turn to when in need of the types of products/services you sell.

Establish Yourself as an Expert. Let's say you're an accountant and I'm considering using your services. How do I know you're any good? Well, if you had been publishing a newsletter with helpful accounting tips and tax saving information all along, you would have established yourself as an expert in my mind.

By sharing your knowledge with others, you'll establish yourself as an expert in your field. An ezine helps you to establish credibility in your chosen subject and distinguishes you from others online who may be working in a similar vein. Be the one people turn to, become the EXPERT.

Sell Back End Products. As long as your newsletter supplies helpful information, you can actually pitch your sales talk softly between the lines. As long as your ezine is not 99% ads, you can use it to plug any product or service you sell. If you don't have your own products/services, you can plug affiliate programs you may be involved with as well. Just try to keep everything you promote related to the theme of your newsletter. If your ezine is health related you should only include health related products to keep it on topic for your target market. As you run sales or specials you'll also want to make your subscribers aware of them. Remember, your ezine is a marketing tool; use it as such.

Drives Traffic. There are millions of websites out there, so what's going to bring me back to yours? An ezine, of course! By emailing your subscribers a newsletter which always includes a link back to your site, you're reminding them to come back again and again -- driving traffic on a consistent basis. How many times have you gone to a website and signed up for their ezine and forgotten about the site? I know I have, but when their newsletter shows up in my mailbox it reminds me of how much I enjoyed their site and usually results in my re-visiting. This is POWERFUL STUFF.

These are just some of the reasons why you need to be publishing an newsletter. A website needs a newsletter and a newsletter needs a website. They just go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly. One without the other is a weak link in the online marketing chain. Don't underestimate the importance of your very own ezine. As your list grows you'll have a very powerful marketing tool on your hands, one you can sell to again and again!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Which is more reliable for searching: Google or Twitter?

Is this video Matt Cutts gets put on the spot when he is asked the question "Which is better for search, Google or Twitter?" See how he answers.