Friday, August 28, 2009

“How to Cash in on Twitter”

Due to the popularity of Twitter many business owners are now trying to cash in on the medium by marketing their businesses. An easy to use interface and the convenience of this online networking community has turned many twitter users into twittering addicts. This in combination withhappybirds4Medium mainstream media attention worldwide has lead to the growth of an estimated 10 million regular tweeters. These tweets are best described as equivalent to a short message service (sms) of 140 characters or less that is published to your own custom list of contacts online or via cell phone. With the restriction to this small number of characters, you'll need to communicate your thoughts, feelings or answers with intelligence. Overcoming this hurdle and learning the art of the tweet will go a long way to extracting financial benefit from its die hard fans.

Twitter Search is a very effective tool to research the current state of play for your business industry. Find out what others in your business industry are saying and learn from them. Look out for feedback from its customers, especially negative comments can be invaluable. With this information you may be able to make some adjustments to your companies products or service if necessary and find new markets that will ensure profitability.

Once you build your own list of subscribers known as followers, put in the work to keep them updated on new developments both personal and business related. This activity is essential if you are going to gain heaps of followers and convince them to hang on every word you say. Also take the time to carefully select the people that you choose to follow on Twitter. They do not all have to be related to your industry profession. There may be those users that are also using Twitter for online promotion and this will give you the opportunity to watch what they are doing and learn new skills from observing them.

Making sure the people that you follow also follow back is another vital task. Once you develop a big group of followers, you will be able to now send tweets promoting your organization but try to mix up the content as much possible, by also sending useful topical information on current events or general social chit chat. Don't forget, Twitter is designed to be a social networking site and is not strictly a promotional tool.

Sending out just a few too many tweets promoting your business will soon result in a sharp reduction the number of followers. Gathering and keeping a large number of twitter followers will give you a higher number of successful conversions because like any form of marketing its a numbers game.

Trying to cash in on the success of Twitter can be rewarding, but only if you bother to develop the right skills and know how to do so. The more you invest and try to learn about this social networking phenomenon the larger the return. Follow the gurus and learn from their experience. If you can keep up to date with the latest occurrences and trends at twitter you will giving yourself the best chance at being successful using twitter for marketing purposes.