Monday, February 11, 2008

Merle's Cyber Promotions Press Ezine

Hi Kids

Just to let you know I sent out the latest issue
of Merle's Cyber Promotions Press yesterday in
text format.

If you don't have it by now it most likely was
grabbed by a mis-guided filter along the way.
You can read or print out the PDF version here

Today's issue covers how to use YouTube to
generate traffic to your site and the usual extra
goodies I know you're just going to love.

Also, don't forget these free online giveaways
going on.

Simply sign up and get the scoop.

-tons of ebooks
-tons of scripts
-tons of everything you've ever wanted

Massive Monthly Giveaway

and last but not least-

Great Blogging Giveaway

Enjoy! and have a great day.


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