Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"Easy Clickbank Management with the Right Tools"

By Merle

Clickbank has been around for years and has earned an excellent reputation online. They make it easy for anyone to be able to take credit card payments from their websites without the hassle of obtaining a merchant account. Their service also includes a built in affiliate program. For their trouble, they  take a small  percentage of each transaction plus a service fee. guarantee1red

The problem with Clickbank is they're lacking in  the "user interface" department. They have a simple log-in that will show you your sales, but no truly  powerful options to analyze and manipulate your data.
Fortunately, other software developers have stepped up to the plate and come up with some pretty cool options to enhance your life as an online Clickbank merchant.

1) http://CBExtract.com
A powerful piece of software that gives you  several ways to manage and manipulate your sales data. You can analyze sales trends for a specific time period, details of profits for the fiscalyear, even send an email to all of your clients. CBExtract can manage multiple Clickbank accounts and even shows you who your top affiliates are.

2) http://EasyClickMate.com
A Clickbank tool that helps you to manage your army of affiliates. It allows you to give your affiliates unique url's for each different product  that you sell. All of the unique url's will link to your domain (not Clickbank's), which will increase your link popularity -- which is excellent for your search engine ranking.

This product also will give you marketing statistics such as click throughs, sales and conversion ratios for all of your affiliates and show you who your top sellers are. It sends out automatic emails to each of your affiliates every time they make a sale. The cost is only $67.00 (USD).

3) http://CBCourier.com
A free product which is useful for a Clickbank affiliates and merchants to automatically receive sales notifications and associated data straight to your desktop 24/7; 365 days a year. This software is courtesy of http://www.joepro.com/ and sits in your window system tray, where it flashes n icon every time you make a sale.

Merchants can see at a glance who their best affiliates are and affiliates can watch their own progress and keep track of what they've sold. This software also has the ability to change skins, and rebranding is available to merchants for a small fee.

If you'd like to stay on top of the latest ClickBank developments or you have questions about ClickBank I highly recommend  http://www.clickbanksuccessforum.com/ this forum  run by Harvey Segal.

If you're worried about your ClickBank "Thank You" pages being passed around the Net and others downloading your products without having paid for them, http://www.jumpx.com/tutorials/clickbank a no  cost PHP script that will help you with security.

By utilizing 3rd party software with your ClickBank data, you can take a "plain jane" system and turn it into a powerful workhorse, that will in turn help you in your day to day business decisions as an online entrepreneur.
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