Saturday, October 17, 2009

“The origin of Twitter”

(Guest article)

The Twitter venture first started in 2006 and has its head office in the San Francisco BayTwitter bird area. What was essentially seen as a fun challenge for the staff of private business soon grew into one of most utilized social messaging services all over America and soon spreading the world over.

Many twitter members choose to use the social media site to read up to date tweets about breaking news or see what their contacts are doing. The concept began when its creator Jack Dorsey took an interest in the search for all the daily actions of his mates. He saw an opportunity in the simple concept, he had envisioned and was quick to discuss it with his workplace buddies. The potential was clearly visible to all so they sought to try and develop a proto-type of this system.

The early history of twitter was due to the complex amalgamation of a few internet companies including the organization, 'Odea' which later turned in 'Obvious Corp' which helped bankroll the investment required for the initial Twitter project. In March 2006, the twitter prototype was operational after only two weeks of development. But it was not until August in 2006, when Twitter was first released online for use by the public. Later, as the service started to gain recognition, the people behind its creation separated again from the original Obvious name to form a stand alone company named Twitter Inc.

Other private web development organizations who were also trying to provide similar short message applications were left quizzing how Twitter grew into such a massive success. I guess the answer to that question was quite obvious at time when web savvy audiences were looking to technology to provide a way for people to keep connection with any person in any locality. Twitter allows messages from the net, SMS, instant messaging, mobile phone, internet and other application programming interfaces (API) and all this array of features were appealing to different people short on spare time.

The massive amount of information transfer from more traditionally means of communication on the web could be seen as providing oversupply of stimulus that was difficult for the human mind to cope with. With Twitter this problem was resolved because it gave each user more control of how, what and when to communicate. After a tweet message is published, an reply straight away is not expected by the sender. News and alerts from your friends, loved-ones and family are sent to your own site, instant messaging, or cell but the user has the choice of when they read that information in which they can reply to the tweets or simply ignore it all together. The information that you receive on Twitter can be set up and changed from your own unique account profile.

"Ruby on Rails (RoR)” is the programming code framework used to make Twitter run. Daily, many code level changes are made to keep improving the application easily and new add-on options are released quickly with no bugs. Their large team of specialist software programmers and networking engineers always use Macintosh computer hardware with the only exception being in the initial testing phase. The twitter graphic user interface (GUI) on their site was designed using the 'Photoshop' and 'Omni graffle' programs. Twitters creators continue to reinvest resources into further development and providing excellent service to the millions of members from all over the globe.

Twitter still puts a big priority on the behavior of their users and any new suggestions they receive. In May 2007 twitter decided to launch the mobile interface version after getting a high number of requests from its users. Despite the rapid rise and spectacular fame achieved by Twitter Inc. they still stay true to their original operating ethos – keeping all things intuitive & simple.