Saturday, November 21, 2009

Review of “Affiliate Niche Packs”

e Of The Product: Affiliate Niche Packs

Where You Can Buy It

Product Description:

Everything you need to get started in a new niche as an affiliate. With each pack you receive a description of the niche and your ideal target market, recommended affiliate products to promote, a list of 1000+ keywords as well as 100 domain name suggestions and 100 article and blog post ideas.
You also receive an extensive guide on how to get started including 2 different marketing strategies along with daily tasks and check lists.
Who This Product is Intended for:

Anyone who is interested in affiliate marketing or wants to increase affiliate income by going into a new niche.
This course is especially for you if you:
  • are new to affiliate marketing and don’t know where and how to get started.
  • are a seasoned affiliate marketer who wants to get into a new niche.
  • want a step by step action plan for generating a new stream of income.
  • want to save time and don’t want to research a new niche yourself.

Each Affiliate Niche Pack provides the information and tools get you started in a new niche. Follow the marketing strategies and create content that will attract potential customers.

Affiliate Niche Packs are for anyone interested in or currently actively involved in affiliate marketing. It saves you days of research time and helps you stay on track with the action plans and marketing strategies. You can sit down and focus on content creation or hand the package and instructions off to one of your assistants.


You are limited to the niches that have already been researched and are available for purchase as packs.
There are plenty of article and content ideas included in the pack, but the content is not written for you. The resource section does include links to sites though where you can buy relevant content.