Friday, December 4, 2009

"Big List of Over 250 Social Media Websites"

Everyone and their dog is using social media websites to promote and market their websites. There are so many to choose from, doing the research and trying to find the sites that would be helpful in your niche can take a lot of time.

Here's someone who has taken the time to do the research for you with this list of over "250 social media websites". It's broken down by category and they even include the Alexa ranking for each site. If you'd like to dwnload it as a PDF file you can do that as well.

It really is a pretty nice collection and well worth your time to take a look if you're using social media sites. Some of the categories included are: Photo Sharing, Photography, Pets, News, Family, Fashion and many more.

When people take the time to compile and share this type of information it makes life extra easy and nice for the rest of us.My hats off to the author. Check it out at: