Wednesday, April 28, 2010

“How to Make $1000 a Month from Scratch Online”

Jay Stockwell is no dummy. When it comes to making money online heboy walks the talk and isn’t some imposter who isn’t doing it himself. His latest creation is a free ebook “How to Make $1000 a Month from Scratch Online” was created after his friends kept asking him how they could earn some cash online. I guess he got tired of telling them and now just send them a link to his ebook.

It really is meaty and well written and even an old online veteran like me learned a thing a two. He stresses that with focus and 5 to 10 hours per week and the belief that you can do it, are all you need. He reveals a business model that’s simple to follow that takes into account a person’s lack of time, money and expertise. You want to focus on subjects that involve a financial transaction, not one that people just search for information on.  He also stresses the importance of quality content when building your website for search engine optimization and in creating trust.

It all boils down to three components: sell your own product, sell other people’s products (affiliate programs), and contextual advertising on your site. He leads you through a brainstorming process in order to come up with a niche you’ll do well with.

If you’ve been struggeling to earn an online income, do yourself a favor and download it today. It’s free to pass along to others too.

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