Monday, June 14, 2010

Top 20 Free Android Apps

A few weeks ago I purchased my first SmartPhone, the Google Droid. Did I need a new phone? No, but I had been hearing so  much about how awesome the Droid was and after popping into Verizon to listen to the sales speech, I was instantly in love. I had to have it. My boyfriend didn’t seem to think so, but that’s another story.

Now don’t get me wrong there are a few things that need improvement like text messaging. The ability to forward and select multiple contacts from within the “to” field is not available. If you don't know exactly the names of everyone you want to forward the message to, it's annoying. As hard as that is to believe. I had to download a third party app called “HandCent” that fixed that problem. I’m still trying to get use to the message “threading” which I’m not a fan of, but maybe with time. If anyone knows how to unthread them, please let me know.

Like a kid in a candy store there are so many apps and so little time. I think the apps are the best part of the whole phone. I love Google, so a phone powered by Google is right up my alley. There are apps for everything you can possibly think of. Being able to share things with Facebook or Twitter immediately is another plus. Here’s a nice list of the top 20 free apps,2817,2356306,00.asp

The GPS on the phone is absolutely amazing. Getting turn by turn directions as I drive and not needing to purchase a GPS separately is the bomb. On the negative side the battery is not as strong as I wish it was, but I did find a secondary OEM battery that I have my eye on at Amazon.

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Graph showing smartphone marketshare for 2009

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