Friday, July 31, 2009

Twitter Marketing Giveaway

Merle here. How's it going? Check this out..

I was invited to be part of this great JV with a TON of ebooks and software. It is expected to get about 5000 members in just a few days. Who knows, maybe up to 10,000 new members. The promotion will hopefully have over 200,000 visitors injust a few days. So the exposure will be great.

The promoters, Bob Tompkins Todd Gross & Reed Floren have asked me if I knew anyone that would want to participate in this venture...

I think you will really like what they are doing here and I know you will jump on board like I did ASAP. To get the "by Invite Only" private JV details, just go here.

There are only a few days to get involved.


P.S.They made it so easy. It's all dynamic. You set the text and logo's yourself it it is automatically andinstantly added to the sales pages and members area..